CO2, Green House Gases, and Ozone Holes – Oh My God, We Are Doomed? – Green House

One thing that people don’t realize about air pollution is the accumulative effect, that is to say the various molecules combining into something else, making things much worse. CO2 is quite sticky so to speak and “oxygen and carbon seem to combine with just about everything, surprise, surprise,” says the College Freshmen prerequisite chemistry class professor. Okay so, let’s talk.Now then, what about the accumulative effect of other things? Recently, an acquaintance who is fearful that global warming will be the death of all humans told me that the holes in the Ozone Layer plus the CO2 output and green house gases would cause everyone to get skin cancer and die, radiated like micro-waved chicken I guess, thus, the end of humanity and all life on the planet. But is this really the case?It seems that human mitochondrial DNA is pretty darn hardy and can adapt, and humans can live underground too. Protecting the human eggs of females isn’t that difficult, humans will not perish even if we don’t have an ozone layer, not suggesting we ought to get rid of it mind you. And when the ozone replenishes it will be just like Terra del Fuego no more blind sheep and high tech parks manufacturing comes alive.Yes, skin cancer could be a problem with Ozone issues, but that is a different issue from CO2. Lots of CO2 means stronger plant life, more abundant production from Agriculture. Bigger trees, bigger tree canopies to block the sun, more oxygen underneath, what’s the problem? Trees, and all life will adapt to the radiation, life will find a way, and living in a green house is perhaps good for life, not bad. Besides that, I think humans are smart enough to deal with anything that comes along, not worried about it.Personally, I think I am more worried about Ice Ages myself. Still my acquaintance points to 1816 or the year without a Sun in England, which he stated could have been from the volcanic activity in other parts of the world such as Indonesia, sure might have been although, it might not have due to the weather patterns unique to the Northern and Southern hemispheres, we don’t know for sure. But whatever happened it cut down agricultural production significantly and many people died, starved.Okay, sure could be, still we have better knowledge and engineering today. The Arab Springs were partly caused by Russia’s refusal after their forest fires to export their agriculture for fear they wouldn’t have enough, thus, chaos globally could ensue due to harsh weather in our time too, but we have abundance in human agriculture, and free markets seem to adjust quickly, besides people are so fat, maybe they do need to eat less? Look at all the Chinese with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions, over 100 million now, India, it’s happening too, they are eating too much processed food.Humanity will not die off due to Global Warming Theory, CO2 emissions, Rapid Ozone Depletion, or Green House Gases, humans will be around in some form or another for millions of more years. I’d bet on it actually. Please consider all this and think on it.

The Effect of Green House Gases – Green House

Earth, the only planet in our solar system or as far as evidence indicates the only planet in the whole Universe that supports life, was not like as we see it now since its beginning. Earth has been able to give a safe home to life because of its unique place in the solar system; it’s neither too close to the Sun nor too far away. As Earth is situated away from the Sun preventing it from being a hell of a warm place, there was the possibility that it may have been freezing cold for life to form and flourish here. But thanks to the greenhouse gases present in Earth’s atmosphere that play their role in keeping it warm enough.Greenhouse gases are those gases residing in Earth’s atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation and thus, keep Earth warmer. The ‘Greenhouse Effect’ is the natural process through which these atmospheric constituents absorb sunlight. Sun, the only star in our Solar System, emits light that reaches Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb the long wave radiation emitted by Sun which warms the atmosphere and these long wave radiations are emitted both upward and downward; the downward emission of radiation by atmosphere is called the ‘Greenhouse Effect’.The greenhouse gases present in Earth’s atmosphere are water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone. Water vapor is the most abundant gas and plays the lead role in warming earth causing 36-70% of ‘greenhouse effect’. Carbon dioxide contributes 9-26%, methane 4-9% while ozone’s share is about 3-7%. Some of the other greenhouse gases present in much smaller quantities are sulfur hexafluoride, hydro fluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, per fluorocarbons and nitrous oxide. Two of the major components of Earth’s atmosphere, oxygen and nitrogen are thankfully not greenhouse gases otherwise earth’s atmosphere would have been far warmer than it is now.Although, these greenhouse gases have been playing a major role in providing life on Earth the perfect temperature to survive, since the Industrial Revolution human activities have caused increase in quantity of green house gases in the atmosphere. More greenhouse gases will trap more and more heat from Sun giving rise to the Global Warming phenomenon. Rising temperatures can be potentially hazardous to all kinds of life forms on Earth and a major cause for rapid melting of glaciers which in turn will cause sea level to rise submerging many coastlines worldwide. Although, environmentalists are forcing the issue and many Governments are taking steps in the right direction, it is not the greenhouse gases but human intervention in nature that is to be blamed.